Vaccuum cleaners

Vaccuum cleaners
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All people who use devices with filters for house or workplace cleaning know this problem..

This cleaning device is satisfactory only with empty filter bag and new filter. After short time filter pores are blocked by gentle dust, air circulation through machine decreases. Even repeated vacuum cleaning does not remove dust and dirt. Effectivity of cleaning with vacuum cleaner decreases even if we have vacuum cleaner with 2000 wattage and more.

Do you know this smell after using vacuum cleaner with paper bag?! After some time, all this kind of vacuum cleaners smell like this, some of them try to drown the smell by using various fragrances. We are sure that you want to keep your home clean and have less work with cleaning as well.

We represend new tehnology of different systems Aqua Star,  Yes,  Aqua,  Yes Luxe,  Eco Luxe,  Zip, Zip Luxe, Eco Plus, Roboclean.

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